FIA amends final classification of Hungarian GP as Vettel appeal goes on

The FIA has amended the final classification of the Hungarian GP, while Sebastian Vettel’s appeal is going on.

Vettel finished P2 in a dramatic Hungarian GP. However, the FIA’s post-race checking revealed that Vettel did not have the minimum one litre of fuel that is mandated. The FIA saw this as a breach of the rules, and Vettel and Aston Martin were disqualified.

Aston Martin commented that the decision was not correct. They announced that they would be appealing against it immediately. The team stands its ground on its claim that the car had more than the one litre of fuel required. As a result, no rules were broken.

Vettel 'over the moon' at maiden Aston Martin podium – Motorsport Week
Vettel’s fantastic P2 in Hungary is still a doubt. Source:

The constructor believes that they can account for why the fuel wasn’t in the main tank. They have told the FIA that all they had to do was get the fuel out from the car. That, they believe, would amount to more than one litre.

Team Principal Otmar Szafnauer said, “By all of our calculations, there should still be 1.44 litres of fuel left in the car after the 300 millilitre sample was taken. And we just have to show the FIA that it was in there, and 300 millilitres is enough for their fuel sample. And that will be the basis of the appeal.”

He also commented on the current situation, saying, “For now, the FIA has impounded Vettel’s machine while the appeal process is underway and it will be transported to the governing body’s technical facility in France.”

Up to chance

Even though Vettel faces a chance of outright disqualification and losing points, the FIA’s official results still have him at P2. However, there is the FIA equivalent of an asterisk next to his name, suggesting that it is still under review. But fans were hopeful because this was a first. Exclusion from final classifications is the norm even when appeals are being looked into.

Unfortunately, the inclusion of Vettel was revealed to be an admin error, and documents sent out by the FIA on Monday did not contain Vettel’s name. Lewis Hamilton took P2, while Carlos Sainz completed the podium.

The document, however, says, “The classification is provisional, subject to the outcome of the notice of appeal lodged by Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team against Stewards decision 59.” There is hope for Vettel and Aston Martin, and we will know the FIA’s decision in the coming days.

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