FIA introduces a new mandate to mellow down Horner-Wolff drama – “Want it to be fair and balanced”

The incident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton on the first lap of the British Grand Prix has sparked major controversy.

So much was the intensity of the moment that Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff barged into the steward’s office mid-race, as claimed by Red Bull.

Helmut Marko went on to suggest that Wolff was like a football player trying to influence a referee during a controversial moment.

Michael Masi, the F1 race director had mentioned recently that in case of any incident, teams are invited before the stewards.

Masi discusses Wolff

After the red flags came out, Masi faced a difficult situation with the team bosses contacting him constantly. As a result, he seemed to have altered his perspective.

”If we have an incident after the race, we invite the teams and the drivers to come up and appear before the stewards,” he said.

“We had the case in Monza last year when Lewis went and spoke to the stewards to understand what happened and have a look at the whole picture.

“During the suspension, that ability exists, so there’s no reason not to,” he added.

In a later statement, Masi went on to mention that impromptu visits to the stewards’ office will not be tolerated.

Horner agrees with Masi

Red Bull boss, Christian Horner seems to agree with Masi on the statements. He was enraged when learned that Wolff had gone to the stewards during the red flags.

“I don’t think the stewards should be interfered with,” Horner said.

“They need to be clear-headed to be able to make those decisions. I went to see the stewards because I’d heard that Toto was up there, presenting a case.

“You want it to be fair and balanced, and I don’t think anybody should be allowed to see the stewards,” Horner said.

Should teams be allowed to visit stewards during the race?

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