Manchester United signings will pocket significantly more than previous salaries

Manchester United had an unbelievable transfer window. It was the sort of window that Football Manager enthusiasts would call a wet dream. After wrapping up the transfer of Jadon Sancho and Rafael Varane, The Red Devils had already strengthened their squad significantly.

However, they really captured the imagination of fans across the globe when they managed to complete the fairytale return of club legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

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For Manchester United, Ronaldo scored 118 goals in 292 games, source:

With no big-name exits, Manchester United now has a far superior squad than it did at the start of the summer. Rafael Varane and Harry Macguire could partner up to form a strong defence, while Jadon Sancho will provide the needed energy in the middle of the park.

With Ronaldo, well, the lesser said the better.

This could very well see the team realistically challenge for the EPL title this year.

Business comes at a cost for Manchester United

“I cannot wait to play at Old Trafford in front of a full stadium and see all the fans again. I’m looking forward to joining up with the team after the international games, and I hope we have a very successful season ahead,” Ronaldo said, as reported by Sky Sports.

With the signings of Jadon Sancho, Raphael Varane, and Cristiano Ronaldo for a combined sum of €142 million, the club has shelled out significant money, but all are very good deals in terms of the value that they bring to the club.

The club, however, will see a sharp increase in terms of managing players’ wages. Despite taking a pay cut, Ronaldo will now make €26,520,000 each year, or approximately €510,000 per week.

Jadon Sancho, the 22-year-old star for the future, is set to earn €18,200,000 per year, a figure that is only topped by Ronaldo and goalie David de Gea. Varane, on the other hand, is expected to earn €17,680,000. United will pay a total of €62,400,000 in salary to the trio.

This is unquestionably a huge sum of money. Aside from the conventional Big 6 and Everton, the trio will together earn more than all 13 other clubs. This surely says a lot about the Red Devils’ enormous expense.

While they’ve made some good signings, they haven’t been able to sell as quickly as they’d want. Manchester United must find a solution quickly, with out-of-rotation players making more than €100,000. If they don’t, they may be on the verge of a crisis.

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