Former F1 driver Berger gives a cryptic answer on whether Vettel will ever win any more races

After a highly disappointing final season with Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel started afresh with Aston Martin in 2021. He has not had the best of starts at his new team, failing to pick up a single point in the first two races.

There are many, including former F1 driver Gerhard Berger, who think that Vettel should have taken a break from the sport for a year and come back stronger.

Vettel’s debut race with the Silverstone-based outfit saw him serve a grid penalty. This led to him starting in the last position. He was later awarded a 10-second time penalty after colliding with Alpine driver Esteban Ocon. The German finished 15th at the Bahrain GP without scoring any points.

With his performance not up to the mark, Imola was Vettel’s attempt to redeem himself. However, luck was not in his favour as he faced brake issues before the lights went out. To make things worse, he also faced gearbox problems which led him to retire from the race.

According to Berger, it would have been a good idea for Vettel to take a year off.

“Wouldn’t it have been better to take a year off? From today’s perspective, yes! But, the observation period is still too short. I wouldn’t want to draw conclusions after two races,” he said.

In the same interview, Berger was asked if Vettel could win races in the future.

“From my own experience, I know: the time will come when you have passed your zenith. You have to take this development into account. If you are a successful racing driver and continue to pursue the sport with all your experience and passion, that can still lead to good success.”

During his time with Red Bull, Vettel worked closely with Marko. The duo were highly successful winning the drivers’ championship four times.

Marko seems to think that Vettel should not have been on the grid for 2021.

The Red Bull advisor said, “I was of the opinion […] he should take a year off, sort things out, ask himself what he wants. I believe that a lot is possible within Formula 1 next year.

“He didn’t do it. Now he is sitting in the Aston Martin, which of course suffers, similar to the Mercedes. They are very similar cars. And this race was by far not what could have brought a break,” Marko explained.

Vettel is yet to score points following his new chapter with Aston Martin and is looking forward to the Portugal GP.

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