Former F1 driver reckons Max Verstappen’s Baku crash could cost him dearly in title fight

Former F1 driver Alex Wurz seems to think that Max Verstappen‘s crash during the final practice could lead to unfavorable consequences for the driver.

Around the halfway mark of FP3, the Dutchman crashed into the barriers which led him to miss out on his qualifying simulation.

“He went too fast with too little grip,” Wurz said. “He made an error of judgment.”

This comes after Verstappen did not use the escape area like several other drivers during the session.

Verstappen after his crash. Source:

Max did not use the escape area

“The loss of those last thirty minutes on a street circuit is really annoying. It can turn a weekend completely upside down. In any case, it is clear that Saturday started far from optimally for Red Bull,” Wurz continued.

The chance of Verstappen missing out on qualifying is less considering his damage is mostly cosmetic and focused in the front. However, the extent of the damage is yet to be understood.

Alex Wurz. Source:

“Has a wing of a specification that the team may only have one of been broken? Is the floor damaged?” Wurz said.

“And while I don’t think that’s the case right now, such an impact could also damage the monocoque. And if it does, time becomes an issue,” he concluded.

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