The Austrian Grand Prix was a nail-biting event right from the start of the weekend with Free Practice and Qualifying up until the Sunday final.

During the qualifying round, there was a major incident between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. This caused the Spaniard to crash out from a potential shot at entering into Q3.

The two-time world champion was driving at his peak in his Alpine and was heading into the last turn of the Red Bull Ring.

However, he was run into by Vettel who pushed him out of the qualifying for the final round.

Vettel the guilty party

According to former F1 driver Marc Surer, Vettel is the one who is responsible for Alonso’s fall from the final round of the qualifying session.

“Somebody is handicapped and Alonso was severely handicapped – yes, even dangerously handicapped,” he said.

“He came around the corner at full speed and there is a car in front of him. Who is responsible? Who drives in the car? 

“You can always blame everyone else now, but in the end you, who are sitting in the car, are responsible for it. For me, Vettel is ultimately despite everything that happened before – responsible for what happened there.

“He robbed Alonso of the chance,” Surer concluded.

The Aston Martin driver defends himself

After the incident, Vettel waved over to Alonso trying to apologize for his actions. However, the German was given a 3-place grid penalty.

The four-time world champion, however, questioned this penalty stating that the driver’s code has been broken many times.

“Well, I only saw very late, not much I could have done and I think it’s the fault of the drivers ahead that keep jumping the queue and I don’t think that his right, and not what we sort of agreed on,” he said.

Vettel was asked about the code to which he cheekily replied: ”Has it ever been in place?”

As a result of the incident, Alonso managed to qualify P14 and finished the final race in P10 bringing home a single point for his Enstone-based team.

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