Formula 1 personnel in a COVID-19 vaccination pickle – “It is a strange situation”

With the start of the 2021 season, several countries had started their vaccination programs against the coronavirus.

As a result, Formula 1 personnel had the opportunity to get vaccinated in Bahrain.

Many members of the paddock decided to get vaccinated but are currently facing a difficult situation.

This comes after they not having received their QR code as proof for their vaccination certificates.

What exactly happened in Bahrain?

Back in March, both the tests along with the first Grand Prix were held in Bahrain at the Bahrain International Circuit.

Members of the paddock were presented with the opportunity to get vaccinated against the virus.

Many of them decided to go ahead with the vaccination but still are yet to receive the QR code which acts as proof for the same.

This code is starting to become more and more important as many countries have started to check it before allowing tourists in.

Additionally, several restaurants and events also require this code to allow admission.

‘It is a strange situation’

According to a Bahrain-based member of the paddock, the situation that is unfolding is highly peculiar.

“It is a strange situation. The different national authorities, not only in Italy, have activated an automatic procedure that starts when the first dose is administered,” he said.

With the QR code being high in demand, we can only guess when they will be delivered to the members of the paddock.

Countries might bar the entry of staff

If the vaccine is applied in the country of origin, then things are a lot more convenient.

However, the procedure to administer a vaccine from a country that is not one’s own seems to be leading to a lot more complications.

However, Formula 1 seems to be facing a relatively easier time. This is because the sport works within a ‘bubble system’.

But in the second half of the season, several countries might start asking for the QR code which could cause problems.

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