“Four seats are available”: Albon sets sights on F1 comeback

Young drivers coming through the Red Bull Driver Academy have got a fair shot on the big stage in recent years.

Guys like Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel have graduated through it and have made an impact on the sport.

However, the journey has not been as long for some others. Alex Albon found this out the hard way when he was told that his services would no longer be required by Red Bull in 2021.

While it is no secret that Verstappen is a highly accomplished driver, Albon could only notch half as many points as his teammate through the course of the season.

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Albon believes his results had a lot to do with the RB16. He noted that the car struggled in crucial departments such as balance, grip, and a lack of top speed.

“Of course, I’m disappointed in it. It is no secret that it was a difficult car. It was a difficult season for me last year. You have to take it,” he said.

For now, Albon is determined to enhance his skills and make a comeback to the sport either through Red Bull or AlphaTauri. he insists that the priority is Red Bull.

“Firstly, the goal has to be with Red Bull. There is not just two, there’s four seats there and my goal would be really to wait and assess how it’s going,” said Albon.

“Obviously, if everyone’s performing, then then you’d be able to know what the situation is.

“On my side my duty is to focus on what’s going on right now, focussed on getting the best for the team, doing what I can to improve myself within the factory and with the guys. Once we can do that, then we’ll see what happens,” Albon said.

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