Frank Lampard net worth: How brazen and blue are the Chelsea legend’s bank coffers?

Frank James Lampard is a professional football manager and a former player. He most recently managed the Premier League club, Chelsea where he used to play initially.

Lampard is considered to be one of the most prominent midfielders in football history.

Having spent the majority of his professional life with Chelsea, Lampard managed to make a good fortune for himself.

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Career and statistics

Lampard’s career began at his father’s former club, West Ham United which he joined back in 1994.

Then in 1995, he signed a contract with the club and debuted for the Second Division Swansea City team towards the end of the year, in October.

He played nine matches as a loan player.

His first goal was against Brighton & Hove Albion after which he returned to West Ham in January 1996.

Lampard started his career at West Ham United. Source:

Then in 2001, Lampard debuted for Chelsea in a match against Newcastle United. He was even named in the ‘PFA Team of the Year’ in 2004.

In 2005, he won the ‘Footballer of the Year award’ after scoring both goals in Chelsea’s 2-0 win against Bolton Wanderers.

Net worth and assets

In 2021, Lampard’s net worth is estimated to be around $90 million.

During his time, Lampard was one of the highest-paid footballers. This has allowed him to own multiple properties.

He currently lives in a mansion worth $13m.

Apart from this, Lampard is also the owner of a town hall in London worth $11m. He also owns a house in Surrey worth $940,000 and a terrace home in East London worth $220,000.

On top of these properties, Lampard also owns two apartments in Cambridge, three apartments in Docklands, London, and a flat in Leyton.

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Lampard also loves to collect cars. He is the proud owner of many cars including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, and Berlinetta. The total estimate of all his cars comes up to around $10m.


In the past, Lampard has made around $6 million through endorsements.

He also endorses top-of-the-line brands including Pepsi and NanoM.

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