“Game’s over for Mercedes”: Nico Rosberg concedes Mercedes will fail to be competitive in Monaco

If things would go according to Nico Rosberg‘s prediction, then Mercedes doesn’t stand a chance in Monaco.

During the practice session, the outfit struggled with tyre troubles which severely impacted their performance.

What did Rosberg say?

“It looks to be game over for Mercedes,” Rosberg told Sky Sports F1. 

Nico Rosberg. Source: f1insider.com

“They just don’t have the grip out there and can’t get the tyres to work. They’re really up against it.”

Rosberg seems to have lost hope for his old team to turn the tables around before qualifying.

Mercedes has a mountain ahead of itself

Rosberg also points out the problems that are currently bothering the Silver Arrows.

“They need to come up with a solution for the rear end. Maybe they can reduce the engine braking a little bit.

“Then they create less oversteer, but they have more understeer. Mercedes is in the thick of things,” Rosberg concludes.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Source: planetf1.com

None of the Mercedes drivers managed to finish in the first place.

Valtteri Bottas managed to finish fourth while his teammate Lewis Hamilton finished seventh in the Saturday morning’s practice.

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