Gasly retaliates to Marko’s ‘Verstappen could have done better’ jibe with classy comeback

Pierre Gasly has delivered better performances ever since he was demoted from Red Bull. After joining AlphaTauri, he had a brilliant campaign last year taking an unexpected win in Monza. It seems he is on the same path in 2021 as well.

Pierre grabbed attention in Bahrain after a spectacular lap in Q3 which placed him at P5 on the grid. Everyone except Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko applauded his performance. Gasly, however, did not seem to mind.

After the French driver’s strong qualifying, Marko claimed that Verstappen could have done better. Fortunately, he didn’t go on to say that Max would score pole. But one thing was certain, he did not think much of Gasly’s performance.

Gasly did not seem to let Marko’s words get to him.

“To me, it’s, let’s say, it’s very simple. I don’t care about hypothetical stuff,” he said.

“In fact, this one, this qualifying was one of the best qualifying in history for the team. And the only conclusion is that if I have a fast car, I can be extremely fast. And that’s the only conclusion. Point.”

It seems that Gasly and Marko are not on the best of terms. This just shows that the door to Red Bull may have permanently been shut for Gasly.

It is anyway clear that the Austrian team will be sticking with Sergio Perez for a while or even wait for Yuki Tsunoda to step up his game.

However, Gasly has managed to prove himself at AlphaTauri and if he decides to move on, it should be to a team with challenging ambitions.

At the moment, Gasly is completely focused on his next race in Portimao. Can he pull off a top performance again? Let us know in the comments below!

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