George Russell admits that Simon Roberts did not fit into Williams restructuring – “No room for that role”

Back in 2020, Williams had announced that Simon Roberts would be the team principal just as the Williams family departed from the team.

However, in just a year, after a massive restructuring, Roberts had to depart before Jost Capito took over in his place.

During a press conference before the upcoming French Grand Prix, George Russell spoke about what exactly happened during that time.

What did Russell say?

George Russell; Source:

“Simon was a huge part of the team in the transitional period,” Russell said. “Huge thanks to Simon, there’s obviously been a restructure within the team.

“Trying to make things more efficient, more streamlined. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really room for that role anymore,” he concluded.

Russell is currently the top driver of the Grove-based outfit and has almost scored points on many instances.

Future of Williams?

Jost Capito; Source:

Williams was once a team that harbored champions but is currently lagging at the back of the pack.

Hopefully, with Capito taking up the reigns and Russell with his skillful driving, things can start falling back into place even if it takes a while.

At the moment there are rumors that Russell might switch to Mercedes for the 2022 season considering he is a Mercedes junior driver.

What exactly will go down is difficult to predict. For now, the focus is on the French Grand Prix.

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