George Russell postpones decision to relocate to Monaco – “Contract talks are coming up”

Williams driver George Russell has revealed that he has put his plans of moving to Monaco on hold till the end of the current season.

This is because he wants to focus on his on-track performance and also trying to switch to a new team for the 2022 season.

At the moment, Russell rents a flat in London and had disclosed his interest in moving to Monaco. This comes after he spent most of last year’s lockdown at his parent’s countryside home.

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What did Russell say?

The Mercedes protégé said that he would be “checking out some places” but also added that, “I’ll probably postpone until later in the season just while the Covid cases and logistical issues are still around.

“It just makes it a bit difficult and I just want to focus on the racing. Here and now is a very important couple of months for a lot of drivers when contract talks are coming up for 2022.”

There have been many rumours claiming that Russell will be joining Mercedes after his impressive performance with Mercedes when he replaced Lewis Hamilton in Sakhir last year.

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Does not want performance to suffer

The Brit is considered to be one of the top drivers on the grid but is currently struggling to prove himself through Williams.

He added that any critical decisions taken right now could impact his performance on the grid.

He added, “Just having that stability for myself back at home is important so I can give it absolutely everything I’ve got on the racing.”

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