Gerhard Berger praises “unique” rivalry between Hamilton and Verstappen

F1 legend Gerhard Berger has praised the “unique” rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

The DTM series chief believes Verstappen was the clear favourite, until Hamilton turned it around within two races. In these races, Verstappen suffered massive setbacks, and the seven-time world champion pounced.

As reported by, Berger said, “A short time ago, I would have said that Max will do it this year.

“But you must never underestimate the competition in Formula 1 or take anything for granted. Max should have come to Spa with a comfortable lead, but Mercedes and Hamilton managed to change the situation.”

Hamilton and Verstappen (left and right) have been locked in a rivalry for top dog status. Source:

The 61-year-old legend, who has driven for illustrious teams like Ferrari and McLaren also thinks the Hamilton-Verstappen rivalry is one of the best in recent memory. The ex-teammate of Ayrton Senna highlighted the all-round nature of the rivalry, and how it is very noteworthy in that regard.

“I’ve seen many duels in Formula 1, but this is unique,” the Austrian said.

“The two top drivers, the technical geniuses behind them, Wolff against Marko. They’re all outstanding professionals who ensure an unbelievable spectacle. I wouldn’t be surprised if the title decision wasn’t made until Abu Dhabi.”

No exhaustion

When asked if the sheer intensity with which Red Bull and Mercedes are waging war in the sport will affect their next seasons, Berger disagreed. He said despite 2022 bringing some all-new rules, the two teams will find handling the next challenge pretty easy.

“This duel will cost those involved a lot of energy, but I don’t think it will be a disadvantage in the development of the new cars. With their staff, they can handle it,” Berger said.

Red Bull and Mercedes, along with Verstappen and Hamilton, will no doubt fight tooth and nail for their respective titles. The second half of the duel begins in Belgium this week. We can’t wait for the show awaiting us.

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