“Got its pros and cons”: Hamilton on potentially altering number of Grand Prix days from 3 to 2

It has now been a few years since Liberty Media took control of Formula 1 from Bernie Ecclestone. Since then, there have been concerted efforts at increasing the entertainment value of the sport and enhancing its global appeal.

One of the measures used for this has been an increase in the number of races in a calendar season.

There will be a record-breaking 23 races spread across the 2021 season. It is likely that this number will further increase next season, with FIA keen on adding even more fixtures.

However, it would only be possible logistically if the qualifying races are shortened. This will also help reduce costs and perhaps facilitate races to take place at more venues in the future.

Last year, Imola witnessed the entire Grand Prix taking place over a period of 2 days. It obviously led to the debate over whether it is a feasible option going forward.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was in support of this idea, but has not found support from F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali. He believes that greater revenue is accumulated over a 3-day event.

“All the organisers really wanted to have a full experience for the people and for the crowd, so we need to respect that,” Domenicali said.

Hamilton, meanwhile, spoke about the positive associated with it from the point of view of the environment.

“There’s 22 days less of 20 cars bombing around the track and polluting the air, the planet, so that’s a positive,” Hamilton said.

However, the Brit was quick to point out that it made life a lot harder for drivers.

“I think it just made it so much harder for us. Normally you have two sessions on the Friday, you get time to make tons of different set-up changes and, if you’re on the back foot, you’ve got time to catch up.

“When you start on a Saturday, you’ve got no time. You’ve got that one session to really get on top of it and the set-up between practice and qualifying. It made it so hard.”

What is the best length in terms of days according to you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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