Guardiola urges City players to learn from Hamilton and Verstappen – “Have to fight like they did”

Pep Guardiola urged the Manchester City players to learn from Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, saying that he loved the fight they showed.

Hamilton and Verstappen gave it absolutely everything until the final lap of the final race in their pursuit of the championship. Although the race was marred in controversy, it was nevertheless a titanic battle that didn’t see either competitor back down.

It was a superb display of talent, determination and winning mentality from the two drivers, something every sports player or institution can learn a thing or two from. When it comes to the Premier League, City is leading the league with Liverpool and Chelsea hot on their heels.

Guardiola urged the Man City players to learn from Hamilton and Verstappen, and took note of their tenacity throughout the F1 season.

“In this competition, like you saw in Formula One, you can do everything,” he said, as quoted by

“Verstappen and Hamilton are incredible champions, but sometimes success doesn’t depend on you. Something decides if there’s a winner and you don’t win.

“The players have to fight like Verstappen has done and Hamilton has done, until the end. But sometimes, even with that going perfectly, doing incredibly well, sometimes it’s something you cannot control, that you’re the winner or you’re not the winner.”

Guardiola (pictured) was impressed with the championship protagonists. Source: Getty Images

Some in your hands, some not

“This is an example I took from yesterday, that is to always fight. In the end, a law, a VAR or a bad decision – many things can happen – and you don’t win,” he continued.

“What you have to do is like Raheem (Sterling) has done in the last games or these incredible two athletes from Formula One have done and never give up.

“Never say ‘I’m not going to try’, but sometimes, even doing perfectly, something happens that the athletes cannot control and you don’t win.

“I want more from Raheem, but I want more from (Ilkay), I want more from Kevin (De Bruyne), I want more even from Bernardo (Silva), from Rodri, but all the credit deserves to go to the players,” he concluded.

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