Even though he has been unable to earn points with his Haas car, Mick Schumacher has surely impressed the F1 fraternity.

Looking back at this, Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has revealed that Schumacher’s contract extension is just a matter of time.

The only delay has been due to the involvement of Ferrari at the meeting table.

What did Steiner say?

“Everything is signed, everything is in order,” Steiner confirmed.

However, he does add that there are a few things that need to be taken care of.

“There are some things we need to get right. It’s a three-part contract because it’s with Ferrari,” he stated.

“We need to get some dots on the Is and we’ll get there.

“But Mick…he’s not trying to say it’s not guaranteed, it’s just that there are deals that need to be discussed. … But with a three-part contract, it’s always harder to resolve,” he added.

Final decision still to be taken

Steiner added that at the moment, the entire focus is on the races.

However, during the upcoming summer break, things might fall into place.

“Obviously my focus right now is here, and on the races. You know, we have summer break coming up. And that’s when I’ll be completely focused on that,” he concluded.

Mick has been unable to score any points for his team yet. However, he has been outperforming his teammate Nikita Mazepin in almost all races.

We can only wait and see how the contract pans out for the Haas driver.

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