Guenther Steiner explains Mazepin’s cryptic ‘door’ gift during Austrian GP weekend

The Haas team boss, Guenther Steiner, during the Austrian GP was gifted something strange by his team driver Nikita Mazepin – a door.

Steiner said that in Russia, there is a tradition to reciprocate gifts with another gift and that is exactly why Mazepin bought him the door.

Joke built around ‘Maze-spin’

Previously, Steiner had gifted Mazepin a spinner as a joke. This was built on the reference on Mazepin’s nickname – ‘Maze-spin’.

The Russian is famous on track for spinning his car during races, practices, and qualifyings.

“Spin this one – it’s better than spinning the car,” joked Steiner as he handed the young driver his present.

Mazepin, however, was quick to reply back by bringing in a whole door to the Red Bull Ring with ‘***smashdoor’ written on it.

Steiner explains the door

The door present was a reference to Netflix’s Formula 1 docuseries, Drive To Survive. Here a furious Steiner reacted to Kevin Magnussen by exclaiming “he does not ****smash my door”.

“Apparently, in Russia, if you get a present, you need to give a present back,” Steiner told the press.

“So, we gave him the present of the Mazespin, of this game, so his present back was the door

“The door was a present because of two years ago, because of what happened with Kevin. Romain [Grosjean] was not involved in that one, he was the good guy this time, Romain. Nikita thought I needed a new door!” he concluded.

All jokes aside, Mazepin has been having a difficult time in the current Formula 1 season. He is often found at the very back of the pack.

It is only time that will show if Mazepin will improve in future races.

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