Haas chief engineer is all in praise of Mick Schumacher – “He’s made a big step in all areas”

Haas driver and son of legendary Michael Schumacher, Mick has had a peculiar transition in his career during the current 2021 season.

From becoming the 2020 Formula 2 champion to driving the slowest car in Formula 1, Mick has been through a lot.

While he is not having the best time at Haas, he is solely focused on trying to improve his skills and learn as much as possible.

Haas appreciates Mick

Irrespective of his performance, Mick’s team members at Haas have been appreciative of the young driver.

Chief engineer Ayao Komatsu, for instance, has spoken highly of the German.

“It was clear to all of us from the beginning that he is very, very open to all ideas,” he said. 

“So when we say to him, ‘OK, let’s try this, why don’t we go in this direction?’ even if he doesn’t agree, he’s happy to try it.

“Then that will give us some really good data. Whether it works or not, either way, he did it so we got the data and feedback,” Komatsu continued.

‘Sure he was frustrated and angry’

“He’s made a big step in all areas, but especially in terms of tire management, I think he’s made a pretty big step in the last couple of races,” he explained.

However, Mick has also had a fair share of bad luck during his F1 tenure.

For instance, during the race in Baku, he faced several problems with his car.

“I’m sure he was frustrated and angry in the car, but even then he remained very calm, constructive, and gave us great feedback. So when you work like that, it’s helpful for everyone,” Komatsu concluded.

Will Mick be able to score points this season?

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