Hamilton and Gasly form an unbreakable bond over a late-night habit – “Usually not on Sundays!”

At the traditional press conference before the Italian Grand Prix, last year’s race winner Pierre Gasly spoke to the media alongside defending world champion Lewis Hamilton.

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Lewis Hamilton. Source: aljazeera.com

They answered questions ranging from their current state to their plans for 2022 during their press conference. Following Gasly’s response to a question about his surprise triumph in Monza last year, Hamilton revealed that the two have a passion for video games.

Hamilton and Gasly play games late at night

A journalist inquired about what Gasly did at night after he won a chaotic Italian Grand Prix last year. The Frenchman claimed in his response that he was surprised by a knock on the door from a close buddy who arrived in Milan at about midnight.

Hamilton used this occasion to reveal that he and Gasly play video games together. He said, “We game at night also, we game a lot online!”

Gasly replied, “But usually not the Sunday night!” Following this, Hamilton shares that he finds it extremely difficult to play video games on Sunday after racing on. “Sunday night, five minutes and I have such a headache. I can’t even look at the screen so, always getting killed!”

The 25-year-old has been nothing short of remarkable since returning to Red Bull’s sister squad midway through the 2019 season. This season, Gasly won a contract extension with AlphaTauri after a spectacular podium in Baku and consistent points finishes.

Despite the fact that Hamilton re-signed with Mercedes at the Austrian Grand Prix, the Silver Arrows only recently announced George Russell as his partner for next season.

The 36-year-old congratulated his future teammate on social media, putting an end to months of uncertainty.

Hamilton and Verstappen were involved in a horrific crash during the weekend that saw both of them fail to notch any points. Thanfully, they are both fit to feature in the next Grand Prix.

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