“Hamilton and Verstappen are going to come to blows”: Ingredients laid out for ‘classic’ season

The current season of Formula 1 is highly exciting for fans as they wait for Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton to clash.

All this while, the competition between the two has been very professional and the two have barely had contact during races. However, David Coulthard thinks that things could get out of control during the upcoming race.

Both Hamilton and Verstappen are currently standing at one to one. This weekend will be the third race of the season where the two will battle it out. Coulthard thinks that the current season has everything it takes to be called a ‘classic’.

“We’ve seen two great races, hopefully we will have a third and at some point those guys are going to come to blows,” he said.

Here, Coulthard is referring to the first corner in Imola where the two drivers had slight contact.

“I’m not, of course, advocating contact between two race cars but God does it give us some memorable moments. I think it has got all the hallmarks of a classic season.”

The battle between Verstappen and Hamilton will continue at the Portuguese circuit of Portimao.

Do you think the fight between Hamilton and Verstappen will get aggressive? Let us know in the comments below!

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