Hamilton betters one of Schumacher’s finest records in epic Bahrain GP win

It seems like Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton breaks some record or the other almost every single day.

The season-opener at the Bahrain Grand Prix presented yet another instance of Hamilton etching his name into the history books.

It was the 96th individual race win through the course of his career. It didn’t come without a fair share of issues though.

The British driver was able to hold off Red Bull driver Max Verstappen in what was one of the most engaging fights at the top of the grid in recent times.

While Verstappen had started the race in pole position, Hamilton found a way to ensure that he won the race by a margin of 0.745 seconds.

It is worth noting on superscript that among the main record that Hamilton broke, he also eclipsed Michael Schumacher’s record of most laps led in F1 over the course of this race.

The bright lights of Sakhir were home to another record, one that shows Hamilton’s longevity in the sport.

Hamilton is now tied with Schumacher on 15 consecutive seasons of winning at least one race.

Put into perspective, this really is a phenomenal achievement for the Stevenage-born man.

In effect, Hamilton has won a race in each season that he has featured in the sport.

Schumacher, meanwhile, was involved in Formula 1 for 19 years and won a race in 15 seasons.

As a rookie, Hamilton won 4 races back in the 2007 season. It was an incredible season that eventually saw him lose out on the championship by one point to Kimi Raikkonen.

Hamilton now averages over 6.83 wins per season. That truly is an achievement worth boasting about.

Mercedes may well have been dominant over the last few years, but even in the period between 2010-2013, Hamilton did win a few races. This came at a time when Red Bull was highly dominant and had Sebastian Vettel at the peak of his powers.

In fact, Hamilton’s least successful season in the sport came in 2013, the season he first signed for Mercedes.

Here’s a list of athe top 10 drivers with most consecutive seasons with a win in F1:

Michael Schumacher (1992-2006) 15 seasons

Lewis Hamilton (2007-2021) 15 seasons *ongoing

Alain Prost (1981-1990) 10 seasons

Ayrton Senna (1985-1993) 9 seasons

Nelson Piquet (1980-1987) 8 seasons

Stirling Moss (1955-1961) 7 seasons

Jim Clark (1962-1968) 7 seasons

David Coulthard (1997-2003) 7 seasons

Sebastian Vettel (2008-2013) 6 seasons

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