“Hamilton is not stalling due to money”: F1 CEO provides key reason behind prolonged negotiations

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali believes that an issue regarding future collaboration is the reason behind Sir Lewis Hamilton’s prolonged contract negotiations with Mercedes.

With only five weeks left ahead of pre-season testing in Bahrain, Hamilton remains without a team.

The seven-time world champion has the opportunity of notching a record eight world titles in the sport. He will undoubtedly start the season as a red hot favourite. That is, of course, assuming that the two parties can come to an agreement.

This is highly likely according to Domenicali as the key factor is not money.

“I’m not in Lewis’ head and not even in Toto’s position,” said Domenicali.

“But, he has to take an important decision for his life. I really hope we can have this announcement soon. What he is going to fight for this year is something that, for the sporting perspective, is incredible.

“The pressure and the dynamic of how he wants to reach this record would make it an incredible story to tell.

“They are discussing a lot of points. I don’t think that is only a point related to his salary or whatever you call it. It’s really more related to what they have in mind to share together in the future.

“But maybe they are not in a rush because they have already decided it’s all okay. We never know.

“It would be really good to see as soon as we have the announcement.”

Domenicali was full of praise for the British driver, who overtook Michael Schumacher’s record of most wins on the circuit. Hamilton has now won 95 races and is within sight of obliterating the German’s other prestigious record.

“He is an incredible driver, an incredible man and athlete. He’s given to Formula 1 a different dimension that is over the sport, I would say.

“Therefore, as soon as we know what will be his future, I think it would be great to see him fighting for something that nobody would have thought possible to achieve after Michael leaving.”

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