Lewis Hamilton felt the wrath of the internet after he posted a tribute to DMX, the rapper who died the same day as Prince Philip.

Hamilton’s tribute towards DMX and no acknowledgement towards the death of the Prince brought many snarky comments on him.

The Queen’s husband had been fighting several health issues and passed away peacefully at the age of 99.

The rap artist, DMX, also passed away on the same day, five days after suffering from a heart attack. He was just 50 years old.

“I’m devastated to wake up to the death of DMX,” the seven-time F1 world champion wrote.

“I grew up listening to him, his words and stories got me through some difficult times as a kid and I’m so grateful for his wisdom and light. Gone too soon but I hope on to a more peaceful place. Rest in peace DMX.”

However, Hamilton had reposted Vogue’s tribute to the Prince with a quote, “So sad… my thoughts and prayers go out to the royal family.”

For some reason, this seemed to have upset many fans.

“But no word on the death of Prince Philip, a man who did so much good for the underprivileged youth in so many ways through the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, founded in 1956. He stood for all that’s great about the UK,” one angry person wrote.

Another added, “Disappointed in you Lewis, no respect for a much bigger and better man you’ve chosen to ignore the passing of, and disrespect for his wife – suggest you return the honour they bestowed upon you!! Was a massive fan now not so much.”

“Prince Philip has died mate. Probably did a lot more for society than DMX!” a third said.

“You took a knighthood from our queen and can’t mention her husband in your tweets! Shameful! My son, who looks up to you for inspiration I shall be pointing him in another direction from now on,” said another

Although there was collective bashing being done, there were some who took Hamilton’s side and wrote in his favor.

“I see everyone complaining about you not saying anything about Prince Phillip,” one person wrote.

“It’s shocking for me to see how obsessed some UK citizens are with the monarchy.”

Another said, “His own hard work brought him the honour. He owes nothing to the royals.”

And a third added, “For all of you blasting Lewis for condolences to DMX ahead of Royalty, Lewis is from hardship to Kingship not born into it. Bad decisions of DMX in life stem from poverty, a fight royalty never knows.

“So if you’ve battled to the top you can identify.”

What do you think of Hamilton’s decision to not pay a tribute to Prince Philip? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. If I had the best, most advanced microscope in the world, it still wouldn’t show how little this matters. Lewis is simply amazing. He’s not their to be a reference for everyone to agree with. Make up your own minds on what you think about issues. What you think is important. Want someone else thinks, be it a friend, your boss, or a celebrity, really shouldn’t matter. Lewis has gone out of his way and is passionate about many social issues. He should be cherrished for that. Haters are everywhere. Doers are scarce.

  2. You guys are a bunch of lazy twats. The man worked hard for his profile and you just sit on your lazy ass and criticise. Go get a life bro


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