“He can still drive 10 times better than me”: Ricciardo confesses to not being superior racer

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo had a somehwat disappointing debut race for his new team. Floor damage to his car meant that the Australian weas only able to end the race in 7th spot, with teammate Lando Norris making it to 4th position.

While he is undoubtedly going to achieve better results over the course of the season, Ricciardo was in no mood to spend too much time thinking about where things went wrong for him.

He instead tackled a different subject altogether, detailing his relationship with his father and how it has only grown from strength to strength over the years.

In the lifestyle magazine called Square Mile, Ricciardo spoke about how proud his father is of him and how it almost makes him uncomfortable at times.

“Of course he tries to downplay it, but I notice how much it means to him, how excited he is when he’s with his friends.

“If I’m visiting at home and they have some people over, Dad will start talking about me a bit or let me, you know, share some experiences.

“I’m like, ‘Dad, don’t be a dickhead’. I’m embarrassed, but he’s very proud and he’s not showing off, he’s just experiencing it through me.”

On the topic of who the better driver is, Ricciardo said despite his age, his father is still quicker than him.

“To this day, my dad can drive three pedals ten times better than me. He is so good that he still loves motor racing,” he said.

“But he never really interfered [with me in F1]. He never crossed the line of being a father or being part of a team.”

F1 community, are you listening? When is Papa Ricciardo going to get a test drive in Formula 1? Let us know in the comments below!

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