“He did under-the-belt things”: Diego Sanchez backs out of fight with Donald Cerrone

The Diego Sanchez vs. Donald Cerrone was something UFC fans were just starting to look forward to when the entire thing came crashing down.

There have been reports from multiple outlets that Sanchez is no longer a part of the May 8th bout at UFC Vegas 26 for reasons he did not disclose.

UFC is now looking for a replacement to fight “Cowboy” Cerrone.

After the main event between Corey Sandhagen and TJ Dillashaw was cancelled due to a training cut suffered by Dillashaw, this is the second hit that UFC Vegas 26 card has taken.

This came in as a shock to Sanchez who even posted his preparations of the fight just a few hours before the news became public.

Sanchez had taken to social media to post a video of him training with Dustin Poirier. However, this is just adding salt to the burn over the cancelation of the Sanchez vs. Cerrone match.

Diego, who has been in MMA since 2002 and in UFC since 2005, was expecting this to be his retirement bout. He had pledged to beat Cerrone so bad that he too would end up retiring.

However, this banter did not seem to bother Cerrone much.

“It’s the things he said when I left Jackson’s, those are the things that piss me off,” Cerrone said in a recent training video.

“Like, he went to these restaurants and these places we had pictures signed and he ripped em all off and videoed it and made a big deal.

“So yeah, he did a bunch of under the belt things, said a bunch of bulls*** so it’s like, alright motherf***er, now you’ve got to eat your words. I’ll see you May 8 and I’ll beat the f*** out of you.” he concluded.

Unfortunately, Cerrone’s plan to beat Sanchez’s ass “and drag you behind my horse” will have to wait for another day.

Who do you think will file in as a replacement? Let us know in the comments below!

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