“He is losing touch with reality”: Farmer lays into Hamilton for peculiar social media request

A farmer from Llanfairfechan claimed that Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was losing touch with reality after he urged his entire social media following to go vegan.

Gareth Wyn Jones, who has spent his entire life at Tyn Llwyfan Farm, said that while he has the utmost respect for Hamilton as a driver, he just could not make sense of some of the things he came up with.

He posted a video in response to Hamilton’s request to his followers. He felt the British driver “got this one wrong”.

“I’ve just read just the beginning of an article from Lewis Hamilton telling his 21 million followers all to to vegan,” Jones said.

“4am this morning I was up, out checking on my cows, newborn calf, all day we have been round checking on our sheep. My family has been on this farm 370 years producing sustainable regenerative food.

“Not only do we produce meat, we produce wool, but I grow my own veg. I try to grow as much of my own fruit.

“I just think these people are losing reality. They are losing the plot about what we should be talking about.

“There is an anonymous guy that use to work in a slaughter house. I haven’t read the article, so I’m not going to comment on it, but I am not an anonymous person and can I tell you, I have killed animals, eaten them. I have shot rabbits, shot pheasants, I’ve caught fish and I’m proud of it because I am feeding my family.

“I don’t live in Monaco. I don’t live a life I pretend. I live a life that is true, honest and part of that – that is the ground, soil that we grow food and produce things to feed other people. That is what a farmer does.

“So I’m sorry Lewis, keep going at 160 mph round and round that race track but don’t tell other people what to eat and how to live.”

Jones posted another video inviting Hamilton over to his farm to see exactly what his life is like.

“So he can have an understanding of on what regenerative agricultural farmer is all about. I like to teach you how I grow my vegetables using the manure from our cattle.

“How important livestock are in the whole farming system to grow our crops.

“It is a very easy option to tell everyone to go vegan but let me tell you, we need animals on this planet and without them, we are not going to be able to survive.”

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