“He just loves it”: McGregor calls Khabib a homophobic in a series of deleted tweets

Conor McGregor is often in the headlines for his tweets. His fellow UFC competitors usually find themselves at the receiving end of these jibes. Recently, McGregor targeted Khabib Nurmagomedov in a series of tweets which he later deleted.

McGregor has had things to say about Khabib Nurmagomedov on multiple occasions. In a recent series of tweets, McGregor spoke about their historic title clash at UFC 229. This had famously ended in a brawl between the two fighters’ camps.

McGregor took a jibe at the UFC 229 commentary team as well since he felt that they were biased towards Khabib during the fight.

One of his followers commented that the commentators “did him dirty”. He responded by tweeting, “Real dirty. I’ve felt the commentary wrath a few times. Imagine this was the round I had won. The guy was holding onto me crying to referee saying I was breaking the rules or some sh*t. And they try and say that I said this only business sh*t.”

When another follower pointed out that he broke the rules by landing an illegal knee to the head on a grounded opponent and by holding Nurmagomedov’s shorts, Conor McGregor defended himself and tweeted:

“I wasn’t holding his shorts! I was ramming my fingers up his homophobic a**. And just look at his happy face here. He loves it. He’s a fingers in the booty a** b**ch.”

McGregor did not spare Khabib’s cousins or his manager Ali Abdelaziz either. But, it’s high time that he leaves his rival alone as not only is he retired from the sport, but he also remains undefeated.

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