“He tried to have a fight with me”: Albon recalls when Vettel fan threatened him at post-race party

Alex Albon is no longer a part of the current Formula 1 grid and he most probably misses driving an F1 car. But, one thing he surely does not miss are the after race parties.

The Anglo-Thai driver recently recalled an incident at a post-race party that he attended.

He mentioned that he got into a fight with a Sebastian Vettel fan. This is in itself something ironic as the four-time world champion would have never approved of such behaviour.

“We have these organised parties after every race,” Albon said.

“Some guy was a Ferrari fan. He had a Ferrari cap on, he told me he was a huge Sebastian Vettel fan. And I was sitting at his table, just because I was waiting for some drinks and I was tired of standing up.

“He starts to get all angry after a while, telling me to leave. But the bar was just right next to us, so I was like ‘yeah just give me a second, I’ll be five minutes.’

“Basically, he tried to have a fight with me, tried to pick me up. His wife got the security guard to come and get me. But then obviously the security guard just collected them two.”

So basically that ‘fight’ ended up well for Albon as he got the last laugh.

Albon will spend the remaining part of the season as a test and a reserve driver for Red Bull. But this does not mean that he will not be behind a wheel.

As of now, he is set to compete in a German touring car series, DTM where he will be driving a Ferrari F154 for the AF Corse team.

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