“He’ll never win a championship”: Coulthard makes grim prediction for driver with high potential

Yuki Tsunoda was once hailed as a wonder boy of F1. But due to recent incidents, he has become a subject of criticism even before his official debut. David Coulthard believes he will probably never win an F1 world title.

Ever since his points debut in Bahrain, he has been having a difficult time in his car – crashing, swearing, and being completely outclassed by his teammate.

This has led Coulthard to make a prediction about Tsunoda which has left his fans utterly disappointed.

“I will predict that he’ll never win a championship,” Coulthard declared on F1 Podcast ‘On the Marbles.’

This sounds really jarring considering the Japanese’s career is just four races old. All drivers who have switched teams or made their debut have been facing a difficult time due to limited testing.

The former Red Bull driver however has facts to back his claim.

He thinks that Tsunoda’s outspoken personality will be of no use till the time he can go fast with his car – especially as compared to his AlphaTauri teammate.

“I think it is exciting to have a Japanese driver, to have someone that gets angry with everything and expresses that on the radio.” he said.

“But there’s a certain point where it’s not about personality contest, it’s about stop-watch. And he hasn’t been faster than Pierre Gasly, so far and Pierre wasn’t as fast as Max.”

“Putting to one side, his refreshing interviews until such time that he’s out-qualifying and out-performing Pierre,” he concluded.

The Red Bull academy formula

Another fact that Coulthard pointed out was related to the Red Bull academy. Top drivers like Vettel, Verstappen, and Ricciardo have made it through.

He also believes that if a driver cannot make it at Red Bull, he might not have a career elsewhere.

“There have been a number of drivers that have come in through the Red Bull system and then dropped out that then haven’t been picked up by any other team. (Name one) Who’s been dropped by Red Bull and then gone on to bigger and better things?” DC pointed out.

Before one drops Carlos Sainz’s name, it should be clear that he was never dropped by Red Bull. Rather, he chose to leave on his own terms.

Tsunoda needs to watch out or he might get dropped.

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