Helmut Marko blasts Lewis Hamilton over Fernando Alonso comments – “How does he rate himself?”

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has verbally attacked Lewis Hamilton over his comments on Fernando Alonso.

Hamilton and Mercedes are Marko’s main enemies after the last two races. Mercedes was involved in some capacity for Red Bull’s shambolic results in Britain and in Hungary, The Austrian is also furious at said actions costing his team the lead in both championships. As it stands, Mercedes is ahead in both sets of rankings.

Marko verbally attacked Hamilton over the latter’s radio comments on Alonso at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Hamilton has complained about the Spaniard’s actions at high speeds, and Marko pounced.

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Helmut Marko (pictured) hasn’t stopped attacking Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. Source: marca.com

“Everything has been said about Hamilton. He was able to win in England despite the collision he caused. We accept the stewards’ assessment,” Marko said.

“Still, you can only shake your head after hearing Hamilton’s radio traffic in Hungary during his battle with Alonso. It was way too risky what Alonso was doing there in the fast corners. But how does he rate his action in the Copse Corner in Silverstone, one of the fastest corners in Formula 1?” he asked sarcastically.

No way through

Alonso showed great grit and experience, as he fended off the Mercedes driver at Budapest for many laps. By doing so, he denied Hamilton his 100th win in Formula 1, while also making sure no one posed a threat to his teammate, Esteban Ocon, who won his first ever race.

For ten laps, the veteran Alonso defended Hamilton and shut him out. Ultimately, his wall was breached, but he had done the job. Hamilton went on to cross the line third, as Alonso lost the battle, but won the war.

The British driver was not too happy with what had happened, and complained that Alonso’s stubborn resistance was dangerous at those speeds, a claim Marko was quick to call out.

F1 heads to Belgium next after the summer break. Red Bull’s time for talking is coming to an end, and they must deliver at Spa to back their words up.

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