Helmut Marko blasts out at F1’s double standards following Vettel’s disqualification

There seems to be almost no end to the frustrations of Red Bull towards Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, especially after the British GP.

The outfit’s advisor, Dr. Helmut Marko, has raised his voice against the FIA.

Marko does agree with the fact that Red Bull is at par with their rivals. However, their success have been tainted by the penalties and crashes of the season.

What did Marko say?

Following the crash in Silverstone, Red Bull’s appeal to review Hamilton’s 10-second-penalty was denied.

Vettel was disqualified because there was not enough gas in the tank,” Marko stated. 

“We have to come back to the relationship between the penalties. Where is the relation compared to Hamilton’s offense?” he added.

The first half of the season has left Red Bull clearly frustrated.

Marko on Hamilton’s radio

The highlight of the race in Hungary was Hamilton’s 11-lap battle with Fernando Alonso.

While Alonso was defending his position beautifully, Hamilton kept complaining in the car behind.

The Brit went on to call Alonso’s driving dangerous” which angered Marko.

“There is Hamilton’s statement about Fernando Alonso’s dangerous driving. He drove sensationally, defended perfectly, and then made this statement from someone who shot out a competitor one race earlier,” Marko added.

Mercedes vs Red Bull

In addition to the contest on the track, the two teams have continued their battles away from the racecourse.

Following the British GP, many fans expressed their sympathies towards Red Bull.

However, the support dwindled after there was news that Red Bull had created evidence against Hamilton.

Mercedes, in response, released a statement that condemned Red Bull’s attempt to tarnish Hamilton’s name.

Things took a different turn after Bottas’ collision in Hungary which left Mercedes expressing apologies to everyone.

We can only wait till the end of the summer break before the battle between the two teams continues.

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