Helmut Marko has worrying news for Sergio Perez following Hungarian GP

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has some worrying news for driver Sergio Perez following the events of the Hungarian GP.

Red Bull have had two terrible race weekends now, first at Silverstone and then at the Hungaroring. They surrendered their lead on both championships to Mercedes after collecting a paltry two points in total from both events.

Following the Hungarian GP collision that saw a series of collisions, Red Bull offered insight into the damage caused to their cars. Now, Marko has returned, and he has some worrying news for Perez.

According to the Austrian, Perez might join teammate Max Verstappen in taking a potential grid penalty at Spa. Marko worries that Perez’s engine might have been damaged, and replacing it would mean a penalty.

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Helmut Marko (pictured) worries for Red Bull’s prospects in Belgium. Source: beyondtheflag.com

“It’s a mixture of frustration, anger, helplessness, and despair,” Marko regretted.

“The last two races can be summarized for Red Bull as ‘collateral damage’. We were comfortably in the lead in the championship. And now we are not only behind, a chassis and an engine has also been destroyed, and possibly a second power source as well,” he complained.


Such a golden opportunity was swiftly pounced on by rivals Mercedes. They pocketed 55 points from the last two races, and as it stands, sits ahead of Red Bull in the standings. Marko was displeased with this, especially because most of the trouble was caused by Mercedes themselves.

“That means we can expect a grid penalty later in the season because we have to use more than three engines,” he explained.

“It’s ironic that we can’t do anything about it and that Mercedes, whose drivers are the drivers, are taking advantage of it,” he concluded.

Red Bull finds themselves at a disadvantage heading into the Belgian Grand Prix. However, we all know that fortune is fickle in F1, and anything can happen. There is every chance Red Bull prevail at the end in Belgium, and they will be hoping for it.

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