Helmut Marko says Christian Horner has no say in deciding driver line-up at Red Bull

Dr. Helmut Marko, the head of the Red Bull driver development program, in a recent interview, talked about the Hungarian Grand Prix.

He also talked about the bout with Mercedes, the driver’s market, and also who actually controls the seats in Red Bull.

While talking about what it takes to get a driver into the team, the Austrian revealed the people who are responsible for deciding the drivers.

“It’s a decision between Mateschitz and me,” he said.

He literally left team boss Christian Horner out of the question, giving us a hint at the hierarchy within the team.

While the British team boss has been associated with the outfit since 2005, deciding on the seats is out of his pay grade.

Marko on Perez and Gasly

On one hand, 23-year-old Max Verstappen has a secured future with Red Bull. However, Marko talked about the future of Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasly.

Gasly has a two-year contract with AlphaTauri. While Marko stated that the Frenchman has been performing incredibly, there is a requirement for talented drivers.

He also talked about the massive pressure that drivers have driving for the second seat with Red Bull.

What did Marko say?

“Being number one driver in a very good midfield team is a different story than being number two to Max Verstappen,” Marko explained.

While the requirement for both teams is different, the mentality required for driving for Red Bull is rare to find in a driver.

“We are looking at his progress very much, and within the next two years we will make a decision whether he will be on the free market or we are considering taking him into Red Bull,” he added.

“Perez is 31 years now, so he won’t be too long, I think, in Red Bull Racing,” Marko talked about Perez’s uncertain future with the team.

Future of Red Bull

After the Hungarian Grand Prix, Red Bull lost their P1 position.

Their junior team, AlphaTauri has been performing strongly in the midfield. This is the only team on the grid that has consistently secured points this season.

Pierre Gasly has even placed the blue and white car on the podium.

Barring his splendid performance in Baku, Perez has not been having the best time.

The second seat with Red Bull is still up for grabs. This gives the Mexican ample time to up his game.

With Gasly out of the picture for the next two years, we are yet to see who will partner up against Verstappen.

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