Helmut Marko says there’s “no relationship” left between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko says there’s “no relationship” between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton after the Silverstone incident.

The rivalry between Verstappen and Hamilton has reached its boiling point this season, after a series of events. Things appeared to have calmed down in Hungary, after the duo fist-bumped each other after qualifying. Furthermore, Verstappen slammed claims from the media saying Hamilton was a dirty driver.

However, Marko has said some contrasting things. If he is right, then the relationship between the drivers is basically non-existent. Moreover, the Austrian has pointed out the Silverstone incident as the moment where everything ended.

Marko believes he already had Corona | F1-Insider.com
Helmut Marko (pictured) has said there is no relationship between Verstappen and Hamilton. Source: f1-insider.com

Speaking to radio broadcaster Mike Hosking. Marko said, “You have to do your job. But to win the championship, you must make points.

“So you have to finish. So you have to focus on the future races. But, yeah, there’s no anymore relationship (sic),” he concluded.


It’s obvious Verstappen still carries resentment towards Hamilton and Mercedes. Recently, Verstappen lashed out at a reporter for continuously asking him questions about his rivalry with Hamilton.

The Dutchman had also voiced his displeasure with Mercedes for being involved in Red Bull’s terrible races. He had also called them out subtly on social media when they celebrated their win while Verstappen was in the hospital following his Silverstone crash.

Fast forward to Hungary, and another disaster ensued for Red Bull. Marko had words for that too, saying. “That’s the second weekend that we were taken out from a Mercedes car. So, we lost all our championship lead in the constructors and in the driver’s standings. So annoying.”

F1 heads to Belgium next after the summer break comes to an end. Red Bull have had a terrible two weeks, but the season is far from over. They will look to win decisively at Spa and throw the gauntlet down.

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