“He’s really bad to his teammates:” Perez discusses Verstappen in candid conversation

With the next race set to take place at the Portuguese Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing’s media team got in touch with the newest addition to the team – Sergio Perez. The Mexican was asked how he likes Max Verstappen as his teammate, to which he had a peculiar reply.

In a video uploaded on the official Twitter handle of Red Bull Racing, Perez talks about how he was warned about the Dutchman’s reputation.

“You’ve seen it before, in the media, that Max is really bad to all of his teammates. When you come here, you realise why they say that. They say it for a reason,” Perez joked.

Verstappen, who is sitting right next to Perez, laughs this off.

“I’ve been surprised in a good way with Max’ personality,” Perez continued. 

“Although I knew him before, because we’ve been racing for many years, when you are in a team you spend more time together. The image that Max has is different to who he is as a person.

“Of course he wants to be very fast, he’s very competitive, but everything you see in the media, I haven’t seen any of that. To be honest, I’m pretty impressed in that respect.”

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