Max Verstappen suffered the biggest crash of his career during the race in Silverstone following a tag from Lewis Hamilton‘s car.

After the crash, the Dutchman, visibly light-headed, limped out of the car which was wrecked beyond recognition, and was taken to the hospital.

Once it was confirmed that the driver is safe, it was a disappointing sight to see the condition of the Red Bull which was carried away back to the garage in a mangled mess.

The 51G impact had taken its toll on the RB16B.

Car suffered massive damage

Looking at the condition of the car, it seemed that the entire machine needed a do-over as nothing seemed salvageable.

The chassis was completely destroyed.

However, there is hope for the Honda engine and a few crucial parts of the power unit.

The body will require complete replacement following the powerful crash.

Honda breathes a sigh of relief

Honda F1’s technical director, Toyoharu Tanabe, revealed that he was fearful of the condition of the engine from the look of the car.

But after the post-race analysis, the severity of the damages was dialed down, much to the relief of the team.

“When I first saw the images of the car being lifted, I thought there was a lot of damage. But in reality, it seems to be less than we feared,” Tanabe said.

The accident could lead to long-term consequential problems for Red Bull. This could impact their position on the constructors.

Complications ahead for Red Bull

In the event that the damage is irreparable, Verstappen will be forced to opt for the third unit granted by the regulation in Hungary.

If this happens, Honda will have to engineer a fourth engine by the end of the season which could lead to a penalty.

This in turn could impact the championship rivalry.

Budget trouble in line

With the crash, there has been a domino effect initiated which could lead to financial troubles for Red Bull.

The team will have to arrange for a new chassis. Additionally, the cost of production of new parts will cause problems with the allocated budget for the machine.

Just by looking at the car, it is easy to estimate the cost which could amount to roughly a million pounds.

Mercedes faced a similar situation following Valtteri Bottas‘ crash with George Russell earlier this season.

The Hungarian Grand Prix will be the next battleground for the two teams as their rivalries are currently at an all-time high.

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