Honda: “Very disappointing but important thing is that Max is fine”

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have caused a massive stir within the F1 community following their massive crash in Silverstone.

All this while, the two drivers have been involved in a civil duel. However, the inevitable happened this Sunday afternoon.

During the very first lap, Hamilton and Verstappen collided and the Dutchman was sent crashing into the barriers at high speed.

He was immediately taken to the hospital considering there was almost nothing left of his car.

Honda reacts to crash

Honda, on their official site, reacted to the entire fiasco that played out during the race.

Toyoharu Tanabe, Honda F1’s Technical Director, expressed his disappointment towards the result.

“This was a difficult result for us to take in today’s British Grand Prix. Max made a good start as usual, but Lewis collided with him at Copse, causing Max to crash heavily into the crash barriers.

“It was very disappointing, but the most important thing is that he is fine, although he is being observed in hospital,” they added.

Looking forward to Hungary

While this weekend did not turn out the way Red Bull had hoped, the outfit is looking forward to the next race in Hungary.

Tanabe, however, did not elaborate on Mercedes‘ role in the crash.

“This result is not what we wanted, but we know that a championship battle can often go like this and it will remain so for the rest of the season.

“We can expect more difficult races against strong rivals in this long season, but we will do our best as always. We are already focusing on the next round in Hungary,” they concluded.

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