“Hope it isn’t the money”: Schumacher believes Hamilton is ruining public image

Lewis Hamilton’s contract situation has become “embarrassing”. At least that is what former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher feels.

Schumacher was referring to the fact that Mercedes is the only team that has a vacancy in its line-up currently.

Hamilton’s method of getting a better contract offer is a “risk”, according to Schumacher. He said the British driver was toying not only with his public persona, but also since Mercedes can look in the direction of George Russell.

“One thing is clear – Formula 1 is bigger than any one individual,” Schumacher said.

“It’s February and the most important man in Formula 1 – the seven-time world champion – is still not signed.

While these negotiations are usually centred around money, Schumacher said he hopes this isn’t the main factor.

“It’s always said that it’s just about the money, but I hope not.

“I find that a shame and, I have to say honestly, a bit embarrassing,” he said.

“Lewis also must not forget the risk of what he is doing.”

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