Horner confirms new deals for Helmut Marko and Dietrich Mateschitz at Red Bull

Christian Horner has confirmed Helmut Marko’s and Dietrich Mateschitz’s stay at Red Bull.

Both staff members will remain for the short term, and they aren’t going anywhere, according to Horner.

Marko turned 78 this year, while Mateschitz is one year Marko’s junior. Both men have been at the forefront of Red Bull’s success in Formula 1, including the four world titles won by Sebastian Vettel. They will stay with the team, hopefully to help win more titles.

Helmut Marko, Dietrich Mateschitz - Helmut Marko and Dietrich Mateschitz  Photos - Zimbio
Helmut Marko (left) and Dietrich Mateschitz (right) will be staying at Red Bull for the foreseeable future. Source: zimbio.com

“No, absolutely not,” Horner said when asked if there was a plan for anyone to succeed the two men.

“I think they are both in good shape. They are still massively motivated about Formula 1. The commitment that is being shown from Red Bull group to Formula 1 with two Grand Prix teams, the Austrian Grand Prix, obviously the Styrian Grand Prix this year.”

Age is just a number

Horner also highlighted Red Bull’s intent to take on the power units from Honda from the next year and operate them on their own. He argued that it is proof of Marko and Mateschitz’s commitment and motivation towards working for the team.

“The enormous investment, that some would call foolhardy, to take on producing our own engine, that’s Red Bull. To take on what would be perceived as the impossible and become an independent engine manufacturer,” Horner said.

“Without Dietrich and without Helmut’s drive, it’s great that they have got that vision and that enthusiasm still for Formula 1. It’s great to hear Bernie (Ecclestone) is still pretty active as well, aged 90. So it just shows that age, whether youth or at the other end of the scale, is no barrier,” he concluded.

It’s great to see experts like Marko and Mateschitz continuing to employ their craft at a top team. Hopefully, their work can pay off and they can win titles together.

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