“Horror show for him”: Schumacher explains how Ferrari damaged Vettel psychologically

Former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher recently opened up about his time at Williams under Frank Williams.

Brother of the legendary driver Michael Schumacher, Ralf drove for Williams from 1999 to 2004. He said that Frank was a very tough person to deal with, even though he did have considerable success.

“Frank Williams – despite all the great successes he had – was extremely difficult on a human level. It was the opposite of straight ahead,” Schumacher said.

“You could really tear yourself up with it, even loudly, then in the evening you drank a glass of red wine together, laughed at yourself and the dispute was forgotten again.

“For example, Sir Frank had often used his media contacts to put extreme pressure on his drivers. 

“He also believed that it wasn’t enough that his two pilots didn’t like each other. You should downright hate yourself.” 

Ferrari faced considerable criticism recently for the manner in which they handled the axing of Sebastian Vettel. Schumacher said that it must’ve been a terrible time for Vettel.

“Ferrari announced in a completely incomprehensible manner before the first race in 2020 that they would part with him. 

“That must have been the horror for Sebastian, because suddenly there is mistrust where there used to be trust,” he said.

Schumacher believes Aston Martin may provide some much needed respite for Vettel.

Will Vettel flourish for his new team, or is he past his best-before date in the sport?

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