How Sebastian Vettel tryst almost convinced Daniel Ricciardo to join Ferrari when team came knocking

There have been several instances in the past where Daniel Ricciardo has been linked with a move to Scuderia Ferrari.

However, the deal never went past its initial stages, something that is quite common in Formula 1.

But for some reason, Ricciardo’s move to the Prancing Horses was something that generated a lot of buzz.

Fans still look back on the incident and wonder what would have happened if the deal went through.

During an interview, the Honey Badger talked about his contacts with Ferrari and why he ended up joining Renault in 2018.

What did Ricciardo say?

The Australian was asked if he ever had contact with Ferrari.

“A while ago, yes, but we never sat around a desk with papers to sign, nothing like that,” he replied.

“There was some small talk, some quick conversations, but we never got to the point where we talked about contracts. So, there was something, but we never got to a second step,” added the Australian.

Vettel tempted Ricciardo to join Ferrari

After denying a contract deal with the Milton Keynes-based outfit back in 2018, many were under the impression that Ricciardo will join Ferrari.

There were rumours that he would replace Kimi Raikkonen who went on to join Alfa Romeo.

Considering the Australian’s Italian background, it was almost certain that he would join Ferrari.

He also revealed that after looking at Sebastian Vettel‘s fight for the championship, he was lured to make a move to the Italian team.

‘It was one of the options’

“In my head, it was one of the options, especially when the team was fighting for the championship while Seb was there. The team was in a good position,” said Daniel.

“So surely Ferrari and Mercedes were the first two teams to be evaluated outside of Red Bull. They were the only truly desirable teams, but I always tried not to be influenced too much by emotion, knowing my Italian origins,” he concluded.

Will Ricciardo join Ferrari in the future? Only time will tell.

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