How much money will Lewis Hamilton lose if he retires from F1 before the 2022 season?

The amount of money Lewis Hamilton stands to lose if he retires from F1 before the 2022 season has been revealed.

Hamilton’s future is up in the air after the events of the Abu Dhabi GP. He had one hand on a record-breaking eighth world championship until the FIA bottled it and made a decision that snatched it away from his hands in cruel fashion.

The result broke the man, and the visuals of him post-race made for a heartbreaking watch. The rumours of him hanging up his helmet started to swirl, and the silence from the seven-time world champion did not help things.

If he really ends up leaving F1 and walking away from Mercedes, it could have consequences. The amount of money Hamilton stands to lose if he retires from F1 has been revealed, and it is an eye-widening sum.

Hamilton had signed a two-year contract with Mercedes at the start of the season. According to reports, the contract was worth around $147 million.

Hamilton (pictured) may end up leaving F1. Source: Reuters

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The money would have made Hamilton the highest-paid driver on the grid. Therefore, if he ends up leaving the sport and walking away from Mercedes, he stands to lose that exact amount of money.

He could end up losing more than that if Mercedes decides to fine him for breach of contract. However, that is unlikely to happen, given the team did not fine Nico Rosberg for doing the same thing in 2016.

Rosberg left F1 after winning the world championship. Mercedes chose to respect that decision and saw the German off without any consequences.

The association Mercedes and Hamilton have had has been the best relationship in F1 history. If he really ends up retiring, the least the team could do is to let him ride off into the sunset without any hassles.

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