“I couldn’t imagine Max ever doing that”: F1 legend plotting revenge on Red Bull driver

Formula 1 legend David Coulthard is keen to get his revenge on Max Verstappen after the Dutchman smashed cake on the Scotsman’s face on the occasion of his 50th birthday.

Verstappen was in a rather jovial mood after notching pole position in qualifying. He made sure that everyone present at the post-qualifying press conference knew exactly how mischievous he was feeling.

He quickly strode out just before the conclusion of the event, only to return with a cake in his hand. He did the needful when he located Coulthard, who was hosting the event.

“I’m such a good believer, I couldn’t imagine Max ever doing that. He also said ‘look what’s written on the cake’,” Coulthard told Ziggo Sport.

“Now I also have a pretty square head, so he could hardly miss.”

Coulthard joked saying that he is aware of where Verstappen resides.

“I know where he lives,” he said with a grin.

However, Coulthard did take some time to talk sport as well and agreed with the assessment that it is going to be one of the closest seasons in recent history as far as the battle for top honours is concerned.

“Max is the coming man, this is his season for the world title,” Coulthard said.

“I really hope we will see that fight to the finish and then we will see at the end whether we have an eight-time world champion or a new one-time world champion.”

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