“I don’t like bubbles so I won’t drink it”: Hamilton refuses to try champagne replacement in Imola

In a recent announcement, Formula 1 revealed that they will no longer have champagnes on the podium for celebrations. Instead, it will be replaced by sparkling wine made by Italian makers, Ferrari Trento.

With this new development to be observed right from the upcoming race weekend, neither Vettel nor Hamilton are keen on the idea.

F1 had used sparkling wine once before back in 2016 after a tie up with Chandon. However, the relationship lasted only till 2017 after Carbon replaced the wine, bringing back champagne celebrations.

During the Emilia-Romagna GP press conference, Vettel was asked what he thought about this new change being implemented. The German, apart from giving a reply, also opened up on whether he will be able to taste the wine or not.

“I haven’t heard. So, I don’t know. I’ve driven Ferraris, but I didn’t drink Ferrari. So, I don’t know. Obviously, at this stage, we’re a bit further away,” he said.

“Maybe with rain on Sunday, we’re getting a bit closer. But I’m sure I can ask Lewis on Monday. He’s a bit closer to the podium.”

At the moment, the weather is highly erratic with rains seeming imminent on Sunday.

As a result, the race could be a treat to watch for F1 fans owing to the tricky circuit and overhead conditions.

While Vettel was diplomatic in his answer about wanting to taste the wine, Hamilton just simply said he won’t drink it.

“I don’t like bubbles. So, I won’t drink it,” he said.

However, the chances are that Hamilton will be getting a spray of the wine, especially considering his mastery over wet tracks.

Do you think it will be Hamilton again winning at the next race? Let us know in the comments below!

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