“I felt it was s***”: Hamilton recalls how his love for music has continued to grow since childhood

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton always attracts attention both on and off the track.

He may be the finest driver of his generation, but he has constantly spoken about his interest in other ventures, namely the music and fashion industry.

While Hamilton is seen as a calm and composed driver with immaculate skill, he also suffers from nerves every now and again. And often, this is not even in direct relation to his profession.

David Coulthard had recently said that Hamilton should not look to quit the racing industry in favour of music.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Hamilton spoke about how he can get so nervous at times, especially when it comes to sharing his music.

“Oh man! I was so nervous. People will never know it, but I struggle with anxiety.

“I’ve been doing music a long, long time. But I never got into it with the goal of putting it out and being a pop star or anything. I just love creating.”

While there has been plenty of speculation regarding his future, Hamilton refused to deny the fact that he can see himself getting into the music industry soon enough.

“Ever since I was like 12, 13, I was strumming in my room and trying to write down lyrics.

“Most of the time I felt it was s***. But then I’d pick it up again and just never gave up. I do it today and I realise it is quite therapeutic.”

Music may well be a big part of Hamilton’s future, but he has a considerable job on his hands even now.

The British driver is looking to add yet another F1 world championship to his name, which will take his overall tally beyond Michael Schumacher’s 7 and thereby make him the most successful driver in the history of the sport.

It doesn’t look like it will be the easiest ride this time either. Hamilton will hope Mercedes can get its act together. Red Bull has, after all, started the season as the fastest team on the grid.

Do you believe Hamilton will add to his seven titles this year? Will he soon be seen singing the next big song? Let us know in the comments section below!

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