“I guess he was pissed off and wanted to play games”: Raikkonen on Sainz collision

Formula 1 drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Carlos Sainz had a minor collision during the last test session in Bahrain. Raikkonen is confident he had no ill intentions, but argued that Sainz was pissed off and was “trying to play games”.

Raikkonen said that while the two probably did not touch, it all happened in such a way that made him believe Sainz was frustrated.

“I don’t think we touched. I don’t know,” Raikkonen told Motorsport.

“I had zero ideas that he was there, and then I saw him at the last minute, and I pulled right. But I don’t know.

“I guess he was pissed off and tried to play games. Anyhow, I doubt that we even touched. I didn’t feel it.”

Raikkonen ended the day with the highest number of laps by any driver with 166 to his name.

Alfa Romeo will be optimistic after seeing his form as well, as Raikkonen ended the day with the fourth-fastest time on the grid as well.

While Raikkonen admitted that it was a good start, he was keen not to get his hopes up too high based on testing.

“It’s only testing, so you never know what the others are doing, but purely for feeling, for sure it’s better than it was last year,” Raikkonen said.

“Faster, I guess, than we were at the end of the year. As we said, it’s testing, and I think the feeling with the car is a bit better. We’ll see in a few weeks where we end up.”

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