“I had a lot of hard truths I have had to look at”: Diego Sanchez splits with coach Joshua Fabia

Diego Sanchez’s professional relationship with Joshua Fabia has come to an end. He issued a statement regarding this development. He had recently suggested that he would stick with him come what may.

Sanchez has received a lot of positive affirmations from the MMA community on his decision to end his business relationship with Joshua Fabia. Apart from a few specifics disclosed by Sanchez and his attorney Charles Lakins about the end of this association, the veteran fighter has largely remained silent about the split.

Sanchez admitted that he needs time to gather his thoughts and stated that he will make an official statement next week.

With this, it seems like Sanchez is no longer committed to his coach. He has issued a statement on his OnlyFans account. The following was written in Diego Sanchez’s statement, “Sometimes you have to look hard in the mirror to see yourself clearly. I had a lot of hard truths I have had to look at.”

As evidenced by Sanchez’s earlier tweet, the former UFC star has yet to explicitly discuss his split from Fabia. As a manager, coach, and self-proclaimed healer, Fabia had steadily assumed a significant role in Sanchez’s professional life since early 2019.

Furthermore, Sanchez has repeatedly said that Fabia has been of tremendous assistance to him in recent months. Given this, their split has sparked speculation among the MMA community over what led to this unexpected turn of events.

Fabia and his unique training methods

Fabia’s coaching style and practices have drawn the wrath of many in the world of MMA whether it was chasing his students with a knife or participating in his high risk upside-down training routine.

Many blame Fabia for Sanchez’s unceremonious release from the UFC. Apparently, Fabia got into a dispute with UFC over Sanchez’s medical records.

More information on Fabia’s departure and Sanchez’s MMA future will be revealed in the coming days.

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