“I have seen enough blue flags in F1”: Following recovery from crash, Grosjean finds happiness

Romain Grosjean had a praise-worthy performance in the IndyCar on Saturday. Starting from pole position, he managed to finish the race second.

Rinus van Kalmthout was fastest that day. Grosjean revealed that he is glad to be fighting for the front places again.

“I have seen enough blue flags in Formula 1,” he said after the race. 

“Today I was the one chasing. I had hoped there would be more blue flags waved for other drivers, but that’s just not the way the rules are in IndyCar. Because stragglers also use push-to-pass, it’s harder to overtake them.”

The former Haas driver recalls precious moments

Grosjean also believes that he is excited to have the opportunity to win races and how he is enjoying himself in the sport. He had recently talked about how he felt drivers should have shown him some more compassion after his crash.

“It feels like the good old days. That was enjoyable,” he said.

“I did learn that I just have to push the whole race. It’s not like if you have a seven-second lead, you’re just going to win.”

After a serious accident, while driving for Haas, Grosjean ended up saying goodbye to Formula 1. Mercedes, however, offered him the chance to receive a proper farewell this season.

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