“I have the best ally in Toto”: Hamilton praises Wolff over political battle with Red Bull

With Lewis Hamilton engaged in an intense battle with Max Verstappen, both Mercedes and Red Bull have been involved in a war off-track.

Red Bull took the fight to the next level by poaching various engineers from Mercedes High Performance Powertrains.

It is estimated that almost 15 members of Mercedes will be switching teams with Mercedes veteran of two decades Ben Hodgkinson the most high-profile name. Hodgkinson will take on the position of technical director of Red Bull Powertrains.

However, Hamilton has revealed that he does not concern himself with off-track affairs.

“It is not something I put any energy towards,” he said.

“There is, obviously, all this that is going on in the background. I think I have the best ally in Toto [Wolff] who will be working to manage it in the best way possible.

“Without a doubt, every individual in our team is amazing and it is not a surprise that everybody will want them.

“We have had a lot of success together. If there are people who have gone, I wish them all the best, we all have to go through our own journeys and make our own decisions which are right for us.”

Hamilton emphasises team spirit

Mercedes have consistently won every title after the introduction of the turbo-hybrid engines in 2014.

Hamilton added: “This is a huge team. It is not about one individual or even five, it is about one collection and an amazing collection of people that remains solid and focused on winning this championship.”

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